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#657 TIPS: General tips for large scale MOCs

A question I’ve been asked many times is “how do I go about building a large scale MOC?” It’s a question that is hard to answer, but I discovered a YouTube video by Brick Productions with a bunch of really useful tips that I’ll be sharing with you in today’s post:

1. Start off with smaller MOCs such as 12x12 to get the hang of techniques such as landscapes and generally adding details

2. Look out other builders for inspiration – specifically the techniques used to build up your knowledge

3. To stand out and become recognised, build unique MOCs that no one has made before and incorporate interesting techniques

4. Build up your part collection – this takes time and may require some bulk Bricklink orders to begin with, but you should get to a point where your part collection is large enough to build whatever you want (more details to come on this topic in a future post)

5. Consider your budget; this topic is expertly discussed by Anthony in his video, who explains that the more funding you have for parts, the more detail you can incorporate and the large you can build. If you don’t have a large budget, build small as they can be just as impressive!


Featured builds:

Assault on Ryloth:

Underground Ambush:


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