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#660 TECHNIQUES: Damaged wall techniques

Today we're looking at how you can create damaged walls for your MOCs; whether you're building a dilapidated house or ancient castle, it can be hard to achieve the perfect effect of a cracked and damaged wall.

The first example comes from Playwell Bricks, who has built two different walls for his developing Haunted House MOC. He cleverly uses parts such as 1x1 quarter tiles and 1x2 modified plates with 3 fingers to show the darker colour of bricks underneath the tan plates, and these also add some excellent detail. Check out his post on Flickr here:

The second example is by Marin Stipkovic on Flickr, who's damaged wall technique remains one of my favourite to this day. He utilises technic and stud connections to position reddish brown bars horizontally and vertically, creating the wooden supports left behind as the concrete has crumbled away. Check out his post on Flickr here:


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