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#663 Favourite Brick Friday: x8 1x1 Plant Stem with 3 large leaves

This week's favourite brick isn't actually an official piece; it's the packaging of the 1x1 plant stem with 3 large leaves. However, some builders don't just throw those bits of plastic in the bin, and choose to use their flexible qualities for adding details to ancient or natural MOCs such as plant vines.

As pictured, both First Order Lego and Lego Hub Productions have taken the flexible packaging and bent it to fill in some of the gaps in their MOCs. Because of their flexibility, there really is no other piece that can do their job quite as well, although there are a range of static plant and vine pieces that could be used if you have more of them in your part collection.

It may not be everyone's idea of a good technique (as we've said it's not an official piece) but I'll certainly be picking some up for my part collection now!

Here is the packaged piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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