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#668 TECHNIQUES: Transparent bricks and lighting

Today we're looking at two different MOCs and showing how they use lighting in different ways to create interesting effects.

The first example is by Alessandro Rizzello who built an epic Mustafar scene, using what we can guess was a few LED strips. They would have to be very bright but they shine through the various transparent pieces giving an orange and yellow hue that looks stunning. Check out the MOC on LEGO Ideas here:

The second example is a more subtle use of lighting, where ForlornEmpire has used LEDs to illuminate transparent blue 1x2 plates. This makes them glow and stand out from the clear transparent parts, showing how the light reflects through the ice; check out the MOC here:

We'll have some more posts on lighting in the future, but for now check out these links for some information on LEDs for MOCs and official sets:


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