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#683 TECHNIQUES: Terracotta roof techniques

Roofs are always an interesting topic with custom building techniques; there are plenty of unique ways to build them. Today we're focusing on terracotta tile roofs and two techniques you can use to create them.

The first technique is by Turd Ferguson and is very simple; it uses technic connectors and 1x2 tiles. As you can see from the image, a base of plates is built up, the 1x2 tiles are attached and the technic linkers are just placed on with no physical connection. However, as they are between the tiles, there is enough friction to keep them in place, and it creates an awesome tiled effect. Check out the post here:

The second technique is by Toltomeja on Flickr and uses 1x1 cylinder sideways to create the tiled texture. These 1x1 cylinders can be positioned in a number of ways such as using hinges or SNOT bricks and they are held together with 1-by-plates. Check out the post here:


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