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#694 MOC of the Week: Hagrid´s Hut by Wookieewarrior

This week's MOC of the Week is a magical build that features beyond impressive techniques detailing; many builders have attempted the design of Hagrid's hut but this has to be are favourite out there! Built by Wookieewarrior on Flickr, check out the post here:

There are plenty of techniques to pick out, but the roof is our highlight. It uses 1x2 tiles attached to 1x1 modified clips that then connect to a bent flex tube, and layers of these build up the tiles. The walls also feature a clever technique, using not just regular 1x2 plates but 1x2 jumper plates, 1x1 studs and tiles, some of which not fully connected to create the gaps.

Small details like levers used for the plants and minifigure hands for tree branches all add an incredible level of detail to the build, as well as it's bright colours of the grass. This contrasts beautifully to the dull grey and sand green of the tattered hut and give it a brilliant base to stand on.


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