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#725 TECHNIQUES: Creating a picture frame

Today's technique is by Ryan Howerter who uses a variety of pieces to create a picture frame for a painting. Check out the full MOC on Flickr here:

As you can see from the breakdown we created, a number of pieces are used to position gold jumper plates and tiles to surround a 1x3 brick. To do this, a 1x1 technic brick attaches to 1x1 plates that position the side jumper plates, and then the bottom and top are easy to position.

So what are those marbled bricks Ryan has used? From the information we've found, they're either made when the colours have mixed if the moulds are not cleaned out properly between colour changes or from back in the 1950s where apparently employers used whatever random ABS pellets were swept off the floor, then the pieces individually at a discount. Very interesting stuff!


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