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#738 TECHNIQUES: Creating circles and cylinders

Today we're look at the LEGO cylinder pieces as well as how to make cylinders and circles from slopes. We fortunate to have a few pieces that create perfect circles covering 1x1, 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 areas, but anything in between or larger requires more pieces.

There are various ways to create these cylinders or circles such as brick bending but today we're using hinges. A pretty good circle can be created for a 6x6 area with modified bricks and 1x4 arch slopes, and from there you can see from the pictures it starts getting more complicated. Eventually, hinges must be used to angle slopes against one another to try and create smooth curves.

When possible, you should try and just use pieces to create perfect circles, but having slopes makes it possible to create other circles for any of your needs, from medieval towers to spaceships.


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