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#745 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: ‘Snow Rally - Monaco' by Simon Pickard

Today we're taking a look at an action packed scene built by Simon Pickard filled with great techniques. Let's highlight some of our favourites:

Curved road - this uses 1x2 tiles and plates to slowly curve a row of them into shape. It's hard to get right and only works for curves with a large diameter, but as they are no gaps it's a great technique.

Snowy terrain - the landscape is built up to look at natural as possible, with white slopes and spots of brown dirt that create a great contrast, especially with the olive green plants too.

Rocks - these rocks complete the MOC perfectly, making the environment around the car much more interesting than just the snowy terrain. The large boulder looks great due to it being angled against all of the uniform studs in the rest of the build.

Check out the MOC here:


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