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#821 TECHNIQUES: Unique chair designs

Today we're sharing 3 chair designs by kosbrick; two of which use unique parts and one which is just a classic design.

The classic design features luxurious black leather seating created with plates and cheese slopes, but what really sets off the design are the 1x1 cheese slopes that act as cushions.

Moving onto the other two designs, the two pieces used seem like they were made for this role, and are incredibly absurd; first person to comment a link to them on Bricklink will win a small prize so get searching!

Make sure you're following kosbrick on Flickr if you're not already:


I guess that no one will see this, though, so I won't get the "small prize" that you speak of. Too bad.

Replying to

Some people posted about the parts on IG, but no one actually put the Bricklink pages.


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