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#844 TECHNIQUES: Lava techniques

If you've ever attempted to build lava with LEGO, you'll have realised it's not that easy to make it look natural or realistic. Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome examples out there that you can take inspiration from, just like the 2 we're sharing today.

The first one is by Thorsten Bonsch who creates a gradient for the lava using different colours ranging from yellow to dark red. When done right as in this case, this technique can look incredible and I love the added details of 2x2 dishes to show where the lava is bubbling up. Check out the post on Flickr here:

The second is by Alessandro Rizzello and uses LED lights below transparent orange part to create realistic looking lava. The LED lights are in strips so illuminate only certain parts, creating a light gradient that looks stunning. Check out the post on Flickr here:


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