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#85 TIPS: Starting your builds

A good start to your build is essential in creating a successful MOC and today we will go over 2 things to consider including when first staring to build or design.

The first thing to do is incorporate technic into your build before the main design work goes in. This is essential to making your MOC structurally sounds and for more information on Technic and its importance see posts #25-27. It helps to include technic at the start so you don't have to take it apart to add it in. Sometimes, technic is not needed on small sized MOCs such as microscale, but for most MOCs it is important to start off with.

The second thing I recommend doing is to get rough dimensions of the build you are doing and map them out. I like to use either a baseplate or lines made from 1x10 plates to mark out how big I want it to roughly be. You can also up a "cage" to show the height if that is important in the design. However, some builders go into a MOC without dimensions if they don't know the scale or size of what there are building. This can be good as you are not limited to any size or scale, while on the other hand you may need rough outlines to help you work.


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