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#87 Monday's MOC of the Week: R-18 First Order Stormtrooper Mech

This weeks is by a YouTube channel called CBBricks that makes some lots of Star Wars MOCs. I especially love the mechs he creates for Star Wars characters, and we will look at his mech based on the First Order Stormtrooper from the recent film The Force Awakens and the upcoming film The Last Jedi.

Here is a link to his channel and Facebook page, make sure to check them out for awesome Star Wars MOCs:

And the video covering this MOC:

Although this mech is not in the films it shows imagination and comes together for a very nice build that you could definitely imagine seeing on the battlefield fighting rebel scum. This MOC shows great knowledge of parts, as lots of these come together to for the components of the mech, such as the arms, legs, main body and hands. These all require support to stay up and let the mech stand on its own.

The MOC also shines with its possibility, as it can be positioned in various ways. This is thanks to the many hinges incorporated into the mech, which hold the whole thing together. A First Order Stormtrooper can also be placed in and to control the mech, and it is very clever how he fits in. Because the shoulders are connected using SNOT brackets to the main body, there is space for the minifigure without changing the proportions of the mech.

The colour choice is great as this mech could have easily just have been all white; instead CBBricks has contrasted the sharp white with highlights of black and grey for the feet, shoulders and hands, as well as some of the inner parts, which help break up to white and make the mech look more menacing. Especially with that brick built gatling gun on it shoulder which is a great touch!

A great build by CBBricks; with lots more on his channel and Facebook page, so make sure you check them out.


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