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#875 SET REVIEW: 75249 Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter

Today we're reviewing the Resistance Y-Wing that will appear in December's Rise of Skywalker film. In our reviews we aim provide a unique take on the set, looking more from the perspective of a collector and MOC builder. We give sets a score out of 100, giving 20 points for building techniques, part selection, creativity, value for money and minifigures.

We were kindly sent this set by The Lego Group, but all our views will be unbiased as possible. We have to say that we love this set, it's unique colour scheme and excellent minifigure selection for starters make it a worthwhile set to add to your collection. It's only drawback is it's similarity to other Y-Wing sets, as it's uses many of the same techniques but this isn't necessarily LEGO's fault as they don't make the designs. Our favourite technique has to be the construction of the engines using axles and technic linkers, while are favourite piece in the set is the 1x1 bracket which can be very useful for a range of SNOT techniques.

What are you thoughts on this set? Have you picked it up yet or will you be purchasing it for Christmas, or maybe after Episode 9 is released?


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