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CONTENT WARNING: HARRY POTTER - #1439 SET REVIEW: 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors' Edition

Today, we’re reviewing a magical center piece and the latest D2C set in the Harry Potter line. This set includes several creative building techniques to re-create the iconic owl Hedwig, a realistic model of Tom Riddle’s diary (complete with realistic pages), and even a chocolate frog and accompanying collectable card.

The set looks impressive on display and its varied components make for an enjoyable building experience that never drags. While it may lack play value, it makes up for it with its dynamic and detailed appearance.

JKR continues to encourage and fund misinformation and discrimination against trans people. We support the creative work of the set’s designers, but not JKR’s views. As the reviewer of this set, I encourage you to donate to The Okra Project, Gendered Intelligence, the Trans Housing Coalition, or another trans-led mutual aid fund should you choose to buy this set - @magykfyre17 on Instagram. Check out this video for a video explaining JKR's actions:

Do you agree or disagree with our scores? Comment below and share your thoughts on the set!


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