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February has been an interesting month for the page, and although we have still grown by a considerable amount, we've had some problems. The main one has been that Facebook has changed its algorithm, meaning less of you were seeing the daily content and it was getting lost in your newsfeed. Hopefully, for those of you who want the daily content, you have turned on notifications, so the interaction in the posts should go back up again.

The newish series I started a few months ago, Q&A with a Master Builder, didn't go as well this month either, with less people commenting than before. I had to use previously asked questions for the answers that will be coming this Saturday. While it will still be a good post, it's clear there's less demand for it, so it shall be coming round on a 2 monthly basis instead of the previous 1 monthly basis. These are just some changes to improve the content for you guys.

I am very pleased to announce some NEW CONTENT this month! I will be updating the Basic Techniques Builder's Handbook with 4 new topics: brick scattering, simple landscaping, creating curves and building upside down. This will be coming to the linked group, Tips&Bricks Community tomorrow (1st March). You can join the group here:

Thanks again for the support in this somewhat challenging month, and keep liking, commenting and sharing the posts to share the knowledge of the brick!


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