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January has been a great month for the Facebook page, having gained over 300 followers to add to the growing Tips&Bricks community.

I started the new series "Technique Discussion" that was quite successful and will continue to be posted weekly. This allows me to cover techniques previously featured on the page and show them to the new followers as well as getting the opinions of everyone else. I also introduced the Q&A with a Master Builder into the schedule, with the answers from last week's post coming this Saturday.

I am still working on a website, but I have turned my attention to more builder handbooks. The next one will be on techniques, but more advanced ones that are especially for certain situations and MOCs. You can expect this next month or the month after.

As always, you can submit ideas for posts and techniques by sending this page an message, or If you prefer, emailing the page directly at

Thanks again for the support, and keep liking, commenting and sharing the posts!

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