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This month has been another amazing one, especially with reaching over 1000 likes! It's been great to keep bringing you content, and I feel the quality of the posts has remained high throughout the month. This November there will be new content as there is every month but lets start with what's happened this October! So if you are only interested in the new content, scroll down to the bottom of the post. 👇

In October, I continued the daily posts and introduced a new type of post: "Did you know?". The facts will be posted every other Sunday, to go along with the Set Analysis, each on alternate weeks.

After last month's successful Builder's Handbook - Basic Tips, I have decided to make another for Basic Techniques. This new handbook will feature posts from this page combined into one easy to view document, that will be useful for those who have just discovered the page or for those that just want to refresh their memory of techniques.

I have also decided to change the name of the page from LEGO MOCs - Tips&Tricks to Tips&Bricks. This new name is just a shortened version of the previous, but will make the page easier to find and say. Expect a new profile and cover photo tomorrow!

I hope you find value in the Builder's Handbook that will be released tomorrow (November 1st 2017) on the linked group LEGO MOCs - Community Builders, and thanks once again for the support!


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