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Welcome to Tips&Bricks

I am a young designer, with a passion for LEGO and custom building. I post daily tips, tricks and techniques, all aimed at helping builder new and experienced to build the models they want to.

"LEGO bricks are no longer just a children's toy. They are a medium of art. As with all forms of art, there are techniques that coexist along with artistic brilliance. When these work together, you can create a masterpiece"

I wanted to create this page about building techniques because I believe that LEGO building is an art and that MOCs (My Own Creations) or customs are a form of art. As with all forms of art, technical knowledge and an firm understanding are needed to create models.

It's my hope to use this page as a platform to share various techniques to the growing community of custom builders, give beginners a helping hand and provide interesting tips and techniques for everyone.

After being active on Facebook for just over a year as of August 2018, I'll be uploading all the posts (all 400+ of them) to this website. After that, you can expect at least one post a day.

LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this page.


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