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Today we're thrilled to be announcing our next building contest! We've teamed up with one of our favourite accounts on Instagram, @brickdesigned, who ran a fantastic furniture contest a few months ago. We're bringing it back, but making it winter / holiday themed and have some fantastic prizes to win! ❄️🎁

This contest will run throughout November and your brief is to build at least 3 pieces of furniture pertaining to a winter / holiday theme! In addition to 3 prizes for the top three entries, we will also pick a random entry to win Santa's Sleigh, so even if you think you're not the best builder just get involved as your chances are as good as anyone!

Check out the images for the rules, schedule, how to enter, judging criteria, judges and the prizes. We're excited to see what everyone builds - so without further ado let's build some furniture! 🪑


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