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By purchasing this product, you are receiving the digital handbook in pdf form.


This product is a TEASER for the Unofficial Collection of Advanced Techniques - Volume 1, found here. This basic handbook provides new builders with the basic knowledge and terminology to get the most out of Tips&Bricks content. It's also a great reinforcement of basic techniques and tips for the more seasoned designers, so take a look if you haven't already!This product presents basic techniques for building with LEGO, organised into topics. It is suitable for all ages and abilities, being aimed at inspiring builders to create their own techniques and MOCs.


What this product is:

- A collection of inspiring techniques from a range of topics and scales

- Explanations of techniques with selective breakdowns

- Organised into topics and presented in a clean format


What this product is NOT:

- A complete guide to every technique

- Direct instructions to produce each technique


If you have problems with the purchase or find any problems with the content, drop us a message via our social media or email:

PDF The Unofficial Guide to Basic Building Techniques

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