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#1113 Favourite Brick Friday: 10187 Minifigure, Weapon Bladed Claw, Spread

This week's favourite brick is the minifigure claw, a piece that normally appears in metallic colours but did appear in dark tan in the Stranger Things set: 75810 The Upside Down and nougat in Fantastic Beasts set: 71253

Despite these limited quantities, builders have taken advantage of the unique shape of the piece, with Markus Rollbühler combining them with 1x2 rounded plates to create a unique thatched roof technique and Alice Finch attaching them to 1x1 clips to create long grass! Check out their builds here: By Markus Rollbühler: By Alice Finch: Hopefully the piece will become more available in the future as we would love to be able to create similar techniques!


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