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#1168 TIPS: Building your part collection - Tips from Ralf Langer

Today we're re-sharing some tips on building your part collection from one of our favourite builders, Ralf Langer!

So, here are his thoughts concerning 5 sources of getting bricks:

1. Used collections - These are great; you get by far the most for your money. Buying single bricks is about 10 - 1000 times more expensive. You won't get enough of the bricks or the colours you really want to have though, even if you buy 300 Kg. So it's only a beginning.

2. Pick a Brick - If you are lucky and there is a Lego store in reach they have the "Pick A Brick" wall. The prices are quite good. But it's only a small selection of all the bricks that exist. Especially small parts are quite cheap as you pay by volume (small or large cup).

3. Bricklink - Bricklink is a marketplace with hundreds of Lego selling stores. You will get anything here, even bricks that never existed (prototypes). On Bricklink you choose exactly the bricks you want. The website can be very complex and confusing but there are plenty of guides around. You really should take a look if you are looking for large amounts of parts, specific parts or rare parts.

4. LEGO - The LEGO customer service offers you the newest stuff! If you are looking for pieces that are only available in a single set and only a few weeks old this is the place to go (and there's no alternative). Don't order regular or common bricks here as this is very expensive! Use this for new and rare pieces. Beware: the website is buggy and many times you fill your cart (which might take hours) and end up with an error.

5. Lugbulk - Google it yourself. Only once a year and not meant for single people.


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