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#1218 Favourite Brick Friday: 30162 Binoculars

This week, we want to highlight a remarkably versatile minifigure accessory: binoculars! Binoculars have several connection points, which makes them perfect for creative textures, microscale details, or even trees! The most useful connections are connecting them end to end and slotting their slit into parts such as wheels or stems. Let us know your favourite way to use binoculars down in the comments!

- SK MOC uses binoculars to mimic the colosseum’s stone pillars:

- Emil Lidé's 8 year old son put together a tree using flower stem pieces and green binoculars!

- Brian Kescenovitz creates a motorbike using the slit connection:

- First Order Lego uses binoculars to add details to a Star Wars environment:


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