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#1234 Tips: At-Home Photoshoot Set Up on a Budget

Today we've put together guide on how to have an at-home photoshoot on a budget! Using several household items, free photo editing apps, and just $5 worth of office supplies, you can have an easy, flexible set-up for taking photos of your MOCs or LEGO sets!

1. Basic Set-Up

  1. Light source

  2. Vertical/back surface

  3. Flat surface

  4. Poster board: flexible enough to bend without creasing (you will see the creases in your photos if you’re not careful).

  5. Tape: masking or painter’s tape works best. They’re less sticky and won’t rip your poster board or damage your surfaces.

  6. Binder clips: optional but extremely helpful to preserve the edges of your poster board and keep the board from moving.

  7. Smartphone or camera: these days more than ever people have either of these items at home, but we do recognize that not everyone does.

  8. Photo editing app/software

  9. Your MOC or LEGO set: 😁

2. The Result (Take 1)

It’s important while taking your photo to try and make your original as clean as possible to minimize editing. The less editing you have to do, the easier it will be to repeat this process for multiple pictures or projects.

3. Lighting Tweaks

Rotating your entire set-up and making it free from the walls can help control where the shadows will fall.

4. The Result (Take 2)

Having less shadows from the LEGO models means the background is a smoother gradient. Even if it isn’t 100% white, it looks more natural and subtle.

5. Photo Editing

Taking photos can be half the battle and editing plays a key role is putting together a nice post. Most smartphones will have photo editing apps built in, and these are just a few on the apps available that offer free editing.

6. Level Up!

Photography itself can be an expensive hobby (much like LEGO), so choose wisely what works well for your needs and budget. Borrowing from friends and family is always a good way to try things out!

7. Share & Practice

This set-up is meant as a basic set-up and every part of it can be improved upon. Let us know what you do at home to take LEGO Photography!


Thanks for reading and our thanks to our contributor Jamay aka @bricks__n__mortar for putting together this amazing post!


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