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#1239 Favourite Brick Friday: 99251 Minifigure Ruff

Originally released in 2013 to accessorize a Clown and then used to depict LEGO William Shakespeare in 2014, the Minifigure Ruff does not come cheap or frequently in sets. But the unique texture sparks creativity in MOC builders, some of which we’ve featured below.

@jonaskramm used the Ruff in multiple builds: one as a mushroom in a Harry Potter themed spider build, and another as the ruffles of a British pirate’s pants. Both builds use an 1x1 open round plate and bar connection: &

@ranghaal used the textured edge of the Ruff for the wheels of his moon rover, using a connection made with a 1x1 cone, a white tire, and 1x1 round plate:

@balbo._ also had a botanical theme with a simple yet elegant flower build:


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