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#126 Favourite Brick Friday: 30359 1x8 Bar w/1x2 brick and axle holder at ends

The piece we will look at this Friday is part of the "rod" category, as not only does it have bricks on the ends, but a bar in the middle. This creates varied shapes within only one piece, and is therefore effective in greebling (detailing) where contrasting shapes and sizes are needed.

This piece, because of its rod and bricks, can be used in transparent clear colour, and used as "invisible" supports for ships or structural supports. Because of the thin rod and clear colour, this piece can appear to disappear.

It usually comes in grey or various other colours when used in official sets to show pipes for example. Its ability to attach studs or other 1x1 pieces because of its axle holder on one end makes it a valuable piece to have in your collection.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:


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