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#1327 MOC of the Week: Skateboarding by lego7_creation

This week’s MOC was the Runner Up #2 and 3rd overall in the LEGO Ideas “We Love Sports” fan vote contest from last year, and it’s clear that Lego 7 has a talent for capturing motion. The skateboarders are incredibly realistic in their proportions and their poses look natural, like this truly is snapshot from a skate park. Each skater has their own distinct style, even going as far as having customized decks and wheels. Check them out for some NPU! Overall, the level of detail is masterful and the build is so playful in its colors and characters.

You also might recognize Lego 7’s style from our previous post #976 “Jazz Quartet,” which recently hit 10K supporters on LEGO Ideas. Congrats Lego 7! We look forward to seeing your next project!

Lego 7’s Flickr page:


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