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#1416 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 33125/67338 Croissant

A breakfast food, a poultry bird, and an architectural ornament? A LEGO croissant can be any or all of these things! Today, we take a look at the croissant piece—which was redesigned in 2021 to have a flat, rather than rounded, curved edge.

@afol_pl uses the white croissant as ornamentation, while @roanokehandybuck uses the ends of the croissant as connection points. @balbo._ uses them as turkey wings, while @swandutchman continues the animal theme by using the croissant as a walrus’s bushy moustache. And finally, @forlornempire uses white croissants to depict the foaming ripples of water caused by a waterfall! (all builders on Instagram)

Which is your favourite of these techniques? Do you have any other ideas for how to use the croissant? Let us know in the comments!


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