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#1516 TIPS: Building scales

Today, we’re looking at an important aspect of LEGO building, and one that can sometimes be confusing…SCALE! Swipe through to see examples of 7 different building scales in LEGO, and some exemplary selections of builds from each scale.

Build credits: Cover: @balbo._ , Brian Williams on Flickr, , Shannon Sproule on Flickr 1. Microscale: @simon_hundsbichler 2. Midi scale: , @malengarek 3. Play scale: W. Navarre on Flickr 4. Minifigure scale: @kosbrick and @renegade_clone 5. Life size: @jaapbijl_ and @alanboar 6. Miniland scale: Clement C and John Tooker on Flickr. 7. Custom! @thesecretwalrus

What scale do you prefer to build in? Let us know in the comments below!


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