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#1521: FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 15429 Cat Tail (Unikitty Tail)

“Any idea is a good idea… except the non-happy ones!” Today, we take a look at a unique part first introduced for the Uni-kitty minifigure! This rounded cat tail part is available in a multitude of colours, and has been used for all sorts of creative techniques…

@marcosbessaofficial uses the various colours and prints of the part as vibrant and stylish hairstyles, while Brick Separator Army on Flickr continues the hair theme with a cartoon-ised bust with two locks of hair!

@aukbricks uses the rounded curve of the part as ornamental detail of a picture frame, and Melan-E on Flickr uses the part as rolling waves washing up onto a picturesque beach!

Which is your favourite? How have YOU used this part? Comment below and let us know!


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