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#1584 TIPS: Theme feature - Racers

Today we're sharing a new kind of Tips post by our new contributor Felipe, who is taking us all on a high speed slide down the racetrack! It’s time to revisit the fire-breathing, track-blitzing Racers theme!

A journey spanning 12 years and more than 250 sets, Racers was created on top of the success of the two videogame entries. From the controversial beginnings through the early 2000s to the important partnership with Ferrari, every house floor had multiple colorful race cars laying around by the 2010s.

Racers not only took to the track but to our hearts, making us feel incredible mechanics and fearless drivers. We’d love to hear some of your Racers memories, so feel free to share them in the comments below!

As this is a new style of post, please let us know your thoughts / feedback on it too!

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