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#1664 THEME TRIBUTE: Adventurers (1999-2003)

As requested by our follower @dangerjamesfilms, our second theme tribute post focuses on Adventurers. From 1999 to 2003, Johnny Thunder and his friends Pippin Reed and Dr. Kilroy travelled to Egypt, the jungle, the Orient and even a Dino island in search of archeological wonders. Through these MOCs, builders revisit some of these expeditions or take us on brand new ones!

The theme depicts western archeologists in the 1930s, which involves a great deal of controversial practices. In fact, the theme has glorified the desecration of culturally significant temples and the pillage of artefacts, has portrayed indigenous people from around the world in a stereotypical way and has portrayed an anthropocentric view of animals. Although we don’t endorse these practices, we still want to celebrate the creativity of builders featured in this post.

So let’s go, the adventure is this way! ->


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