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#2109 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: Pneumatic Aero tube pieces

Are these parts even LEGO? These odd parts only came in 3 sets in 2001 and 2007 under the Life on Mars theme and Mars Mission theme. The 3 parts have a unique tube connection system that has never been seen since and makes the parts challenging to incorporate into MOCs. Check out how these incredible builder make use of “unusable” parts!

Builds by: @cazmockett @loki-loki_29 Vince_Toulouse on Flickr CrispyBassist on Flickr @carecreations_ @rons_oc @redverse_ @djokbuilt @donutsftw_designs Shadowgear6635 on Flickr Flynn2000 on Flickr @spark_mocs Logan W. on Flickr


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