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#2156 THEME TRIBUTE: Mars Mission (2007-2008)

Let's revisit a much-loved theme from 2007, Mars Mission! It’s iconic white and orange colour scheme of the human faction is commonly used for many spaceship and other sci-fi vehicle MOCs among the community. Today we pay tribute to the short-lived theme by showcasing MOCs revisiting existing sets, new vehicle concepts, and reimagings of the minifigures!

Featuring builds by: @brickasaurus777 @cheeseystudios @inthert_builds –soccerkid66 (Flickr) nasa105 (LEGO Ideas) Legonardo Davidy (Flickr) Sokoda (LEGO Ideas) U/Catapimbson (Reddit) DeadGlitch71 (Flickr) Sergei Rahkmaninoff (Flickr) @troublesbricking MinifigInSpace (LEGO Ideas) Numbers:123456789 (Flickr)


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