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#2213 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 11253 Minifigure Roller Skate

The humble yet versatile roller skate turned ten years old this year! Far from simply a quick way for minifigures to roll around, this part has been used creatively in builds both large and small, from official LEGO sets to MOCs by talented community builders. Check out a few of our favorites and let us know what other clever uses you’ve found!


Jam Session Guitarist by @clicklever

Floral Boat by @nicepartsusage

The Jungle Altar by @hubba_blooba

Juggernaut Transport by @jbb_777

Various Characters by @rosesmustbuild

Various BrickHeadz by @eugenio_iacono_brickheadz

Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw) by @brickuba

Sandcrawler by Kdapt-Preacher (Rebrickable)

Micro Camp Nou by @pomxlego

Pete and the Beagle Boys by @mbmocs

Clockmaker's Studio by @kellybartlett31

Small Vintage Tractor by @masterbuilderktc

Malden Fire Department Engine 2 by @ma_lego_trucks


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