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#222 FEATURE: BrickArms

Although this page is usually strictly LEGO and nothing else, very rarely it can be good to look towards other reliable sources that can improve your MOCs in ways that don't negatively impact LEGO themselves. So today's feature is a company called Brickarms, who supply builders with a huge range of plastic weapons that fit LEGO minifigures, as well as other minifigure accessories. They are widely accepted for use in MOCs by AFOLs, and can really give another edge to your battle scene if the minifigures are holding the correct weaponry

In comparison to the LEGO weapons, there are obviously more expensive. This does depend on what you buy, but bear in mind these are high quality products that many builders use and have confidence in, so it's still a good investment like LEGO parts are. My personal favourite product is the Blaster pack, which includes many different Star Wars blasters for $12:


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