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#2267 TIPS: How to sort your LEGO bricks

Sorting you LEGO parts is what some might consider the most boring part of the LEGO hobby, but the bigger your collection gets, the more important it is!

There are a few basic ways to sort your parts but we’re willing to bet every builder, big or small, has a certain personal way of organizing at least a part of their collection.

So if you’re unsure about how to keep your LEGO collection well-managed, want to keep your house tidy or want to avoid losing parts, read on!


I'm sorting modern Technic from normal Lego. The first collection is to put away until the child has grown. The second is for a six year old boy. One large flat container with basic bricks, with four smaller containers to sit in the large flat container while stored.

One of the smaller boxes for plates, one for 'shaping' parts (tiles and smooth surfaces), one for wheels, axles and everything to do with vehicles, and finally one for minifigs, minifig parts, plants and other natural things.


at my place, we do things a little mixed with the first two methods:

If a color pool is small enough, just mix all of those parts together.

if there are large quantities of parts, sort them by "normal" (bricks, and plates) and "special" (modified plates, tiles, round bricks, etc) and by color (white special and normal and so on) into boxes. smaller quantities can be put into drawers.

Minifig parts (drawers) and accessories (not drawers) are separate. along with more specialized pieces like wheels, hoses, nets, natural parts, trans parts, etc.

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