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#245 Favourite Brick Friday: 630-3 Brick Separator

This week's favourite brick of the week is the brick separator. It is included in certain larger sets, and many collectors accumulate lots of them, for them usually to just sit in a pile.

Apart from its use of separating bricks, it can be utilized in MOCs, as can every piece. The grip on the separator can be used to create a unique texture, and when multiple are used this can look very good. The 45 degree angle makes it ideal to achieve certain shapes, as well as its 2 stud connection and technic axle.

So consider using it in one of your MOCs; since its introduction in 2012, builders have used it as a novelty in many different builds such as roofs, spaceship exterior panels, and tails.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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