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#278 TIPS: LEGO Digital Designer - DEVELOPER MODE

Ever wondered what The LEGO Group's designers use when designing sets?

We know from various interviews and other information that they use LEGO Digital Designer, the official design software by LEGO.

But did you know they actually use a upgraded version? Let me introduce you to the "Designer Mode" and how to access it.

"Designer Mode" gives the user access to many features not available in the standard LDD. You can disable collisions (allowing for "illegal" techniques), generate random colours, show attached pieces, add post-processing effects, colour connected pieces, show wireframe, show collisions and hide the grid. All these features bring it up to the level of other more updated softwares such as

Follow this link to a easy tutorial video where it will show the features and also how to unlock "Developer Mode":

It's easy and fairly quick to do, just edit one line of the downloaded file.

So go ahead and try it out! Even if you don't use LDD, its still interesting to see what features the designers have access to.


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