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#288 TIPS: Elements Box from Brixinit Unboxing Review

Today I will be reviewing the Level 1: Elements Box from Brixinit. It's available for only $25 dollars per month, and contains over 400 pieces (excluding 1x1 studs) of genuine LEGO pieces, as well as 2 minifigures, a build challenge, members handbook and techniques booklet. Brixinit were also kind enough to include last month's technique booklet as it has includes some Tips&Bricks content.

Firstly, lets talk the value of the box. For $25, I think this is a bargain, as 400 pieces is the amount included in $40 official LEGO sets. You also get 2 great minifigures, and the volcano-island themed build challenge. This challenges you to use the certain pieces provided to create a model, and for me this was my favourite part of the box. I usually only build certain themes, so it was great to have the parts and challenge to go beyond my comfort. The build will be posted here tomorrow along side the technique discussion.

The techniques booklets were also great; as they included some awesome techniques such as headlight bricks uses. I was thrilled to see some of my content featured as well.

Overall I'd highly recommend this box. Great value, good variety of parts and other content and awesome build challenge.

You can join their group Brixinit Community for MOC features, building techniques and news, so check it out here:


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