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#308 Favourite Brick Friday: x89 Rubber belt 6049725

This week's favourite brick is the not actually a brick, but a rubber belt / elastic band. For those of you who have built sets such as the Resistance X-Wing, you will know that elastic bands are used to keep the s-foils closed, and in other sets they are used for similar play features.

These elastic bands also have another use, which I first saw in Inthert's legendary T-65 X-Wing. He uses them not for a play feature but for the inner workings of the starfighter. You can remove some exterior panels and the elastic bands are revealed. They can represent pipes or wires, and look very good because of their thin profile in contrast to bricks.

Check out Inthert's X-Wing here:

Did you know? The element ID for elastic bands, 6049725, is the ID for the cardboard sleeve that the elastic bands are packed in. This is to store them safely in sets.

Here are the elastic on Bricklink:{"color":7,"minqty":"20","iconly":0}


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