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#313 Design concept: Textures

Updated: May 1, 2021

Today we will look at the design concept of textures. Instead of just using regular bricks, we can use textured parts that have unique surfaces. These will contrast with smooth surfaces of regular bricks and can be used to provide details.

Pictured are some of the most common pieces used to provide texture when building.

Firstly we have the textured bricks and plates, which each have a different pattern and can provide different details. You can see some of these pieces used in a MOC by Fedin on Flickr called "METRO 2033": 

Next we have the round pieces, which can be used in combination with regular bricks to create small holes and indents in the surface. For example, they could represent cracks in a stone wall.

Lastly we have the moulded pieces, which have a unique texture that is perfect for providing details, such as the lion head. This piece as well as the moulded minifigure statue has been used in a MOC by Jonas Wide on Flickr called "Temple in the Jungles of Celestia":

These different pieces can be used on their own, but I think they look best when mixed together and in combination with regular bricks. When together, they will help provide contrast and texture in your MOCs and make them look more visually interesting.

For those experience builders, the possibilities are endless with texturing. Instead of just stacking up bricks, be it regular or textured, you can use Studs Not On Top bricks to position any plate or tile sideways. This will create textures that are fun to experiment with and look great when done right; such as the MOC called "A Lords Manor" pictured from Jed Cameron on Flickr:


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