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#327 Design concept: Landscaping

Updated: May 1, 2021

Landscapes in LEGO can be hard to create, as often the plastic bricks don't lend themselves to natural shapes. We can however use various techniques in order to create different landscapes, which is what I will cover today.

The first techniques involves a variety of curved slopes, to try and create a varied surface. If you use pieces of the same colour, they blend together well, and are great for snowy landscapes such as this one by soccersnyderi on Flickr:

The second technique is building sideways, displaying the brick's flat side surface. This is perfect for man-made landscapes, such as landing pads (no link unfortunately).

The next technique is using layers of plates, to create gentle inclines. You can use different colour to show different layers, such as light tan and dark tan for tropical beaches like this one by First Order Lego:

Lastly, you can use steep slopes to create rocky landscapes. It looks better if you use a variety of different sizes, and position other slopes sideways and at angles to make it look as natural as possible. Check out this MOC by K.Kreations on Flickr:


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