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#334 Design concept: Offsetting

Updated: May 1, 2021

Offsetting, sometimes called SNIR (Studs Not In a Row), is a technique where bricks are built on an uneven amount of studs. It is also referred to as building between the studs.

There are many ways to achieve this technique, but some you may not realise come under the heading of offsetting. If you have been building for a while, your mind probably jumps to the 1x2 "jumper" plate, named for the fact that its one stud is placed in the centre of the tile. This creates a half stud offset; which is the most common offset that a lot of the other pictured pieces create.

There are plenty of other offsets though; you can even make an offset using a regular brick's tubes. Also pictured is an advanced technique that utilizes the offset created when brackets are positioned sideways, which can be used to create a staircase.

The possibilities with this technique are endless, as it can be used for anything from creating the perfect micro city to making a grand staircase.


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