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#343 Favourite Brick Friday: 983 Hand

This week's favourite brick is the minifigure hand, a common piece that every minifigure ever produce has. However on this page I like to look for interesting and unique uses for everyday pieces, so today we will discuss how minifigure hands can be used in your MOCs.

Thanks to its unique shape, it can be used for everything from straw roofs to adding texture in micro builds. Its protrusion, which is also unique to the piece, allows it to connect to flexible tubes to create some awesome techniques such as the ribs in the MOC LEGO Anatomy part I by Marcin Otreba.

Here is the piece on BrickLink:{"iconly":0}

Pictured MOCs:

Straw roof by Bonaparte on Eurobricks:

M729 Scarab by Nick Brick: LEGO Anatomy part I by Marcin Otreba:

Micro Parisian Restaurant by Simon NH:


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