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#391 Favourite Brick Friday: 30377 Arm Mechanical, Battle Droid

This week's favourite brick is a piece I never knew was so versatile until Jason Pyett aka Playwell Bricks comes up with some clever uses for it! The reason for it being so useful is its unique curve that no other piece has, which allows for some really nice techniques.

Pictured are just Jason playing around with the concept, but a lot of them are very cool techniques in themselves. My favourite is the one that uses tan droid arms, because it shows how much flexibility and shaping you can achieve with them.

The whole reason for Jason coming up with these techniques was to create a conical roof, which is hard to do to a specific size due to the lack of conical pieces. After lots of trial and error, you can see a finished prototype of a conical roof that Jason plans to use in an upcoming MOC, and it looks awesome! Complicated definitely, but awesome.

Check out these video's by him for some really good explanations, as always, of the technique:

You can also follow him on all the various social media, which can be found from his Facebook page:

And finally, here is the piece on Bricklink:,%20Battle%20Droid&category=%5BMinifig,%20Body%20Part%5D#T=S&O={"iconly":0}


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