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#440 Favourite Brick Friday: 522 Minifig, Cape Cloth

This week's favourite piece is the minifigure cape, an accessory that comes in a range of colours and can be attached to a standard minifigure.

It's unique shape makes it ideal for circular shapes just like this roof technique by Toltomeja on Flickr. He utilizes the split in the fabric, hooks the capes around a 6 x 6 Webbed Dish and secures them with minifigure arms which are the perfect size to fit in the dishes' webbing.

Toltomeja finishes of the design with some string to reinforce the capes and add a little more detail. It just lifts on the top of his Mongolian yurts, but could be connected via the 6 x 6 Webbed Dish if necessary.

Another good use for the piece is as a sail, seen in use by Harding Fallohide on Flickr:

The cape element used is the old style, known as starched, compared to the newer stretched ones. These are used because they are more rigid and hold their shape better, as well as appearing in more colours such as the ones pictured.

Check out Toltomeja's post on Flickr here:

Here is the piece on BrickLink​:{"color":11,"iconly":0}


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