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#573 TIPS: How to build up your LEGO part collection

If you're looking to build more MOCs, you're going to need the bricks to make them. To do this, unless you're willing to use digital design software, you're going to need a big part collection, so today we'll be discussing how to build one.

When you're building your part collection, it's important to collect all varieties of bricks, so that when it comes to building and you need that specific piece, it's ready for you. The picture highlights 3 methods you can use to build your part collection, but lets look more in detail at each and other some tips for making the most of your money.

1. Bricklink - this is the no.1 place to order your LEGO parts. Normally, you'll get a wanted list and search for individual sellers, purchasing from multiple to get all the pieces you need.

A good tip I can offer you is to familiarize yourself with the pricing of parts, so that you'll see a good deal when you see it. For example, when you're about to purchase the parts you were originally looking for from a store, check out the list of the other pieces they're selling. You can order by price and get some great deals such as a lot of parts for only 1p. These pieces may not be exactly what you were first looking for, but can be might be useful one day and are therefore a great way of building your part collection.

2. Pick-a-Brick - when visiting a LEGO store, you can fill yourself up a cup of LEGO bricks from the huge wall of LEGO parts. This is a great way to build you part collection as you can often find unique pieces, but the regular bricks themselves are super useful to collect too.

If you're wanting to use this method, you need to stack your Pick-a-Brick cups efficiently. Check out these links here for some great strategies to make the most of your money:

3. Part drafting - finally, you can buy official LEGO sets and part them out. By doing this, you aren't building the set but breaking it down for the pieces. As well as getting a wide selection of pieces, you can also resell the minifigures to make some of your money back.

A tip for this method is to NEVER buy sets at full price. You can often find sets reduced to as much as 30% off, so if you're patient you can get some great deals and almost make your money back.

You can do this by yourself, but LUGs or LEGO User Groups do it too. This way, you can take the pieces only they want, instead of being left with lots of pieces that you'll never have any use for.

Thanks for reading; make sure to check out our other posts if you enjoyed!


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