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#70 Favourite Brick Friday: 1x2 Clamp

Classified as a 1x2 clamp (1 stud by 2 studs in length), and part of the "modified plates" family, this piece has great value and an widely unknown use.

Of course it looks great as a slope, having a unique profile so that it cover 4 plates in height, but only 1 stud width. This angle makes it perfect for minifigures as the slope allows them to bend back slightly, while still being supported.

The other less known use (or at least I previously had no clue of it) is that it can be laid onto studs and clip in. This, as shown in the pictures, can be very useful for SNOT techniques as the connection is fairly strong and compact. I think it would also look great as floor lights, for example in the Echo Base on Hoth from Star Wars. It can even be positioned at 2 angles due to the slope, so the pieces connected are more visible.

Although this technique can not be done on design software such as LDD because of the illegal connection (just means its not used be the LEGO Group). However, it you try it with real bricks the space inside the slope fits perfectly into 2 studs.


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